Investment Strategies
Proprietary Capital/Spice

With long-term and patient capital, GP Investments can pursue attractive opportunities focused on long-term investments in companies with the potential to become global leaders in their sectors.

Investments can be made through the GP Balance Sheet, Spice Private Equity (an investment company listed in Switzerland controlled and managed by an affiliate of GP Investments) or other sources of long-term capital.

Private Equity

GP Investments seeks established and mature companies with good products or services that generally need some contribution in terms of management process, skills and knowledge to sustain periods of growth, consolidation, or restructuring.

This means that GP generally invests to acquire control or joint-control with the original owners with the objective to lead the invested company to higher levels of growth in order to unlock value and generate above-average returns.

The experience accumulated through two decades of investing in more than 50 deals in 16 sectors makes GP Investments a valuable partner for invested companies at different cycles of their development, especially in situations where there is a desire to perpetuate the business.

Real Estate

GP Investments’ strategy is to invest primarily at the asset level, directly in projects in the residential, office and retail segments.

The advantages of such a strategy, we believe, are:

Wider Sourcing Capability: selective approach to investment opportunities as GP Investments will source attractive projects originated by different developers;

Portfolio Diversification: investments in various projects and developers to minimize portfolio risk;

Risks and Returns Aligned: real estate return is based on the results of individual projects and not on the performance of any specific developer;

Liquidity: individual properties/assets offer more exit options than a corporate entity; and

Diversification: opportunity to invest in three different segments.